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Day by Day: Online

Start your day feeling energized and empowered by talking about different topics every class. You will be given prompts to plan for your week, set intentions, focus on being positive, and encourage clarity. Day By Day is all about you and the importance of staying well.

Day by Day is broken up into 7 different session. You can take all 7 or pick and chose which ones you like to take. The following are the topics;

Goal Setting: Making plans with smaller steps helps with being successful in achieving the desired result. Often, people may feel like life is aimless when they don’t have anything to focus on… or that they are not working towards anything. Setting goals can create momentum with their progress, help to build confidence and improve self-esteem.

Stress and Healthy Living: Stress is a normal part of life, but when it becomes overwhelming, it can wear us out. This class will look at what happens in your brain when you’re stressed, how stress can negatively affect your body, and what practices you can adopt to help keep it under control

Motivation: This class will explore what motivates you individually and how you can build motivation to accomplish important life goals that lead to the future you want to enjoy.

Exploring Your Relationship with Money: This class will discuss ways to develop a healthy relationship with money, so we can start to avoid many of the stresses people encounter around their finances.

Self Esteem: Having a positive personal regard is key to life satisfaction. We will take a look at what self-esteem is, why it’s important, and how to build yours up.

Setting Boundaries: Many of us struggle to say “no” or put other people’s feelings and needs before our own. This class will discuss what boundaries are, why boundaries are important to having healthy relationships, and how to set boundaries.

Self Care – Healthy Eating: Your body is part of what makes you uniquely you. The choices you make, how much exercise you get, what you eat, how you deal with stress – affect the way you feel and act. Class discussion will focus on one of the ways we can treat ourselves with respect and kindness – healthy eating.


“Sometimes the best way to move forward is to make it through and be our best selves one day at a time.”

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